The digital age is here with us; even those who tried to run away from it have accepted this reality. This is because modern technology has redefined all roles as we traditionally knew them; social interactions, business, communication, education, you name it.

The good thing with technology is that once you embrace it, it stops harassing you. You start realising that the monster you were running away from is just a pet out to help make things better for you. The reason you can enjoy this privilege is that people are working in the background to ensure you get a friendly interface.

Still, there is a need to go a bit deeper and understand some of the tools which can make technology use even more productive. Welcome to SQL: Structured Query Language. If this is a new concept to you, then this is just the site to discover more. If you are conversant with the term, there’s still much more you could learn here.

What is SQL?

Definitely, the right place to start. There is a dedicated article on the site to help newcomers understand the concept of this database. SQL is a way to ensure that your data is safely stored and easily retrievable across different platforms. Read more for an in-depth review on just how this is achieved.

Uses and Benefits of SQL Databases

Once you understand SQL, you will feel as though you have found the solution to all of your life’s problems. Well, you probably have, at least in matters of data management. This section teaches you where you can apply SQL and how to go about it. It also touches on the benefits you can reap from each application.

SQL in Mobile Apps

Most technology engagements today are taking place on the mobile phone. It is, thus only logical that the relationship between SQL and the mobile phone apps specifically gets a special mention. In this part of the site, all this is laid bare in an easy-to-understand language which you will enjoy learning through.

The great thing about SQL is that it is not as complicated as coding. Only the name is scary; the actual tool is lovely!

Welcome for some life-changing information!